Chalkboards & Planning

Need a chalkboard drawn for a business or store menu?

I create and draw chalkboard designs for everyday and occasional use. I plan a day ahead with the dimensions given. I then design, sketch, test, and draw the next day! Only using traditional chalk, I crate what ever you want and need.


Mini Chalkboards

$5 per Board

Large Chalkboards

$100 per Board

Hanging Chalkboards

$25 Per Board

A-Frame Chalkboards

$25 per Frame

Glass/Plastic Boards

$25 per Yard

Extra Large Boards

$25 per Yard

Digital Chalkboards

$50 per Image*

*must provide image size

Just the Sketch

$10 per Sketch*

*must email for specifications

Payment & Time frame

What kind of payments are accepted?

I use Square® for my payments and processing, so paying me is hassle free and fast. I have a wide range of prices for any board you could imagine! Why just have one, when you can have them all done!

How long is the process?

Planning and sketching the tasked chalkboard is 2-24hrs, but the amount of time used drawing can take anywhere between 1-2hrs.

Location & Hours

Located in Cypress!

I am located in Cypress TX, and I am willing to travel approx. 10 miles from my location.

Hours and Dates

My Hours are as follows

Monday 5pm - 8pm

Tuesday 5pm - 8pm

Wednesday 5pm - 8pm

Thursday 5pm - 8pm

Friday 5pm - 8pm

Saturdays & Sundays - Closed

;------You can email me anytime------;

For any questions about other chalkboard sizes, please email Official.dooleytm@gmail.com